Sue Sohonage

sohonage_sue casual.jpg

Sue Sohonage

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

In the business since: 2001 • With the firm since: 2007-09 (Rejoined 2015)

West Virginia Northern Community College, Associates' Degree in Computers and Information Processing, 1986

Professional Passions:
Greeting clients and making them feel comfortable during their time in the office.  Has developed a friendly rapport with many of these clients and looks forward to their visits. Loves the feeling of pride and accomplishment upon the completion of any task, no matter how big or small.

Personal Passions:
Spending time with her large family, relaxing on a beach, camping (in a camper, of course), gardening, crafting, and sewing. Also enjoys touring Ohio wineries and wine tasting.

Quirky Tidbit:
Has an obsession for Jon Bon Jovi, his band and his music.

Favorite Phrase:
"Cleanliness is next to Godliness". (Her husband calls her a "clean freak".)

Community Service:
Sue’s role at Snyder & Company as a Marketing Coordinator keeps her connected to the community and its happenings.