What do fish
have to do
with it?


At Snyder & Company, we have embraced the Fish Philosophy, which is made up of four key principles:

  • Be there

  • Play

  • Make Their Day

  • Choose Your Attitude

This philosophy is more than just a few inspirational ideas or quotes, it has become the way of life at Snyder & Company. We have embraced the wisdom of these principles and put them into action. As a visual reminder of living these principles each day, we see Earl the Fish, our mascot, who makes his home in our processing area.

We have placed great emphasis on the two principles of Be There and Make Their Day for our clients and our co-workers. Whether it’s getting the client a cup of coffee or returning phone calls promptly, we strive to show our clients that we care about them in little ways in every interaction we have.

We also incorporate the Play principle into our culture through impromptu staff outings and more formal events such as Staff Appreciation Day, our Office Olympics and our Company Picnic.

Each and every day at Snyder & Company, we all have the opportunity to Choose Our Attitude, and we all work hard to ensure we choose to have an attitude of helpfulness, concern for others and an overall positive outlook. We love our work, and we believe that’s why our clients love to work with us.

“I believe that the combination of Play activities and the whole concept of Choosing Your Attitude are what get us through tax season every year. Everyone works an incredible number of hours and the amount of work we produce in that period of time is phenomenal, but yet we always manage to do it with good attitudes and a lot of teamwork." - Tammy Boring, Firm Administrator