So what makes us different?


Welcome to Snyder & Company!  We are glad you stopped by.  Whether this is your first time, or you have visited us in the past, we hope your first, and lasting, impression is that we’re “not like other accountants”...we actually hear that frequently and consider it quite a compliment.

No disrespect to our peers. We know we are all numbers geeks and liken the ever changing Tax and GAAP rules to be 3-D puzzles in motion. And what accountant worth their green visor and ten key doesn’t like a good puzzle?

That stereotype aside, what makes us different is our focus on people. Yes, numbers are important. They are the common language of the business world, but only because they serve the needs of people. We have a unique and practiced talent for taking the complex tax and accounting rules and making them understandable. We are first and foremost advisors and teachers for our clients, focusing on our relationship with them, and really listening to their needs. 

Our Value Pricing Model is driven from this true and utmost desire to focus on the relationship. We don’t charge by the hour, and phone calls and emails are included in our pricing model. We believe the traditional hourly model of our industry is outdated and gets in the way of building those relationships that we value.

We focus on our internal relationships as well.  We have a diverse and uniquely talented team. You’ll see from our Team Bios that most of us have been here for more than 10 years. Our nine Culture Points guide our team’s daily work to best serve each other, which allows us to best serve our clients. They include UNCOMPROMISING INTEGRITY and QUALITY SERVICE. Ok, those do sound like our peers, but they also include TEAMWORK, HUMILITY and FUN…didn’t expect those did you? It’s this culture that is the foundation of what makes us different.

We are glad you stopped by! Come back frequently for our Tax Bytes and to see what fun and crazy things the Snyder team has been up to.

                                                                                          Vic & Linda



To be central Ohio’s most preferred advisor.


We provide superior advice through a culture of service.


To serve with genuine respect and compassion and uncompromising integrity.

Culture Standards

At Snyder & Company, we are strongly rooted in our firm’s history, but constantly evolving our services to meet the changing accounting needs of our clients. 

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